Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Turkey Overload!

Culinary Arts Prepares for the Friendly Kitchen

     Last week our culinary arts program received 55 frozen turkeys from our local Friendly Kitchen to prepare them for the many visitors that will pass through simply get a hot meal and a break from this bitterly, cold
weather.  Our very gifted students learned how to de-bone a turkey and properly make the cuts to section them out for easy preparation.   The proper seasoning was used and then the turkeys were roasted, bagged and delivered back to the Friendly kitchen to help feed the hundreds of homeless people that will walk through those doors.

     This process took about a week for our students to complete and provided them with great experience.  It takes a lot of time and hard work for the staff at the Friendly Kitchen to prepare the turkeys for upcoming meals so having our students take part in this endeavor was a great help to this amazing establishment.  This was a wonderful learning opportunity for our culinary arts students as well as a great way to teach them community responsibility.


     The sole purpose of the Friendly Kitchen is to feed the hungry.   They are the only soup kitchen located in the Concord, NH area who opens their doors to anyone who walks through for a meal.   The Friendly Kitchen has served over 600,000 meals since they opened in 1980.  They are located at 2 Commercial Street and are always looking for volunteers.

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