Thursday, December 13, 2012

And the winner is...

Logo Design Contest 
Post By: Kaleena Guzman

Our Graphic Design students love the opportunity to participate in competitions allowing them to put the skills and techniques they learned in the classroom to work on jobs they would find themselves facing in the field.

Louise Murphy's Winning Logo
Last year, Rob Werner from Concord Energy and Environment Committee came into the Graphic Design class in search of a new logo for his committee. Instructor Tom Mungovan created a project for his seniors to handle the task. Over 80 logos were submitted for approval! Rob and his committee picked 6 finalists and held a public contest at the Harvest Supper last year. Louise Murphy’s design was chosen as the winner. Louise is a 2012 graduate of the Graphic Design Program and is continuing her education at Southern New Hampshire University.

Tyler Rizzo's Winning Logo

Earlier this year, Will and Teddy Brunkhorst contacted the Graphic Arts club and asked the members to create a logo for their organization, Blackwater Nordic. About 25 designs were submitted. After careful consideration, Tyler Rizzo, a junior in the Graphic Arts program, was chosen as the winner. Tyler’s winning design earned him $100.00!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Student Assessment at CRTC

Student Assessment at CRTC
Post by: Will Brunkhorst

CRTC instructors must assesses their students’ knowledge/skills, but the process is not traditional. At the heart of the process is a one to one quarterly meeting between each student and his/her instructor. Much more info can be found on the website ( select the ASSESSMENT & SPUR link on the left).

For this article I will distinguish between two distinctly different forms of assessment as they relate to our philosophical approach to education here at CRTC.

Assessment of Learning (Summative) is the assessment of a student’s knowledge/skills after instruction, as with an end of unit test or a standardized exam. Summative assessment provides information regarding a student’s knowledge/skills, but only at the time that the assessment was performed.

Assessment for Learning (Formative) is the assessment of a student’s knowledge/skills during the instruction and learning process.  Observations and conclusions are used by the instructor to adjust instruction and curriculum in order to enhance and improve learning.

Formative Assessment

Summative Assessment

CRTC staff puts significant effort and resources into the process of formative assessment. Regular assessment of a student’s knowledge/skills, coupled with constructive, non-threatening feedback during the learning process is difficult for instructors but vitally important. Adjustments to instruction and curriculum are far more beneficial when made during the learning process, not after.