Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Don't Miss This Event!

This event has been postponed and will be rescheduled at a later date.

Starter: Pumpkin Apple Bisque
Entree: Sausage Stuffed Chicken Breast
Dessert: chocolate banana bread pudding

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Rolling Grades- Rolling over from One Year to the Next

I’ve written previously about our Rolling Grades model in the CRTC.  In essence, a student’s grade on competencies is completely based on his/her most recent performance on a major summative assessment.  Quarter reports are no longer 10 weeks windows of time, but reflect a student’s performance from the first day of school.  The students in the CRTC are in support of this model based on the data we have.
Almost all CRTC programs run for two years.  Enrollment each year is competitive and not all students can (or choose to) return.  In any case, we asked our junior class student leaders (over 40 of them) if we should "roll" grades from their first year (culminating in Q4) into the start of the second year (Q5-Q8) in the same manner we roll grade from Q2 to Q3.   For example, if 10 competencies were active in Q4, then those 10 would be part of the Q5 grade from day one of the second year.    
The CRTC has a group of student leaders called LADs (Leadership Advisors to the Director).  We bring our thoughts, dilemmas, and plans to this group for some honest (often brutal) feedback.  Last Wednesday the group debated this issue in a robust manner and there was significant disagreement.  Ideas did change because of the discussion.  A theme throughout is whether a student who did not do well on a competency, during its prescribed time, should have the opportunity to be assessed on it again.  Students debated the difference between competencies that seemed to be “one and done” versus others that continue seemingly forever.  For example, Health Science students framed their competencies in distinct windows, while Construction Tech students saw their competencies as constants.
Below is an email to me from Nate Cushman,  a LAD from our Auto Tech program.  He was doing some processing at the end of the meeting and wanted to give me his thoughts:

I have been pondering on the idea of rolling the grades over from the previous year.  I believe that your grades should roll over from your first year.  I have a good scenario for why I believe this.  I do upholstery every day after school.  I started towards the end of last summer.  When I started, I had no experience with reupholstering furniture, so I started as a stripper.  When a piece came into the shop I would strip it.  As I became faster at stripping, I paid attention to what I was stripping.  I started to learn how the pieces were put together.  I learned how to fix a loose frame and touch up any imperfections in the wood. My boss then started teaching me how to recover. And after 7 months, I have gone up two dollars in pay and can strip a piece of furniture and recover it in an efficient amount of time.  Also, I continue to gain experience and knowledge every day I am in the shop.  Now after 7 months, if I were to take a month off from work and then return, I would be expected to still have the knowledge I learned over the first 7 months.  My point being that even though it's a new year in school, we as students and future employees are responsible for retaining the knowledge we learned the previous year, as our employers would expect.  Thank you for your time.   I hope my theory can help in your decision making.

Steve Rothenberg CRTC Director

Monday, April 6, 2015

CRTC Q2 Honor Roll

The Students below have made our CRTC Honor Roll for Quarter 2. The criteria is to have an 87 91  in both your soft and hard skills. Congratulations to all the hard work these students have put in!

CRTC Honor Roll-Grade 12 
Kelley Crowe 
Benjamin Stadnicki 
Mitchel Britos 
Mariah Golec 
Gabrielle Bartlett 
Benjamin Marston 
Robyn Bajraktari 
Julian Townsend 
Arthur Anderson 
Cote Parent 
James Birtwell V 
Britney Fowler 
Emily Golomb 
Robert Margeson 
Brooke Cotton 
Jessica Belanger 
Mia Walton 
Bethany Sobozenski 
Amy Wittel 
Joseph Sliva 
Spencer Haywood 
Maegan Cudworth 
Andrew Moffett 
Ian Zaczyk 
Brian Rubner 
Victoria Nicholas 
Kelsey Belanger 
Reagan Dombrowski 
Kimberly Green 
Cameron Bernard 
Zackarey Blye 
David Marston 
Zachary Sawyer 
Kasey Williams 
Alycia Daniels 
Erica Martin 
Cassidy Emerson 
Victoria Tyler 
Austin Coggeshall 
Veronyca Daniels 
Maryellen Gale 
Brandon Benedict 
Adam Hunneyman 
Maranda Bush 
Spencer Carney 

CRTC Honor Roll-Grade 11 
Halle Blomback 
Amanda Merrifield 
Danielle Brouillet 
Olivia Cattabriga 
Briana Wright 
Marissa Neal 
Shannon Benson 
Douglas Foy 
Kyler Stevenson 
Eden McInturff 
Matrayia Stanford 
Lilian Wainaina 
Katie Lafond 
Chance Spinney 
Drew Wunderli 
Megan Fraser 
Austin Hawkes 
Baylie Phinney 
Lindsay Balch 
Brittany Warren 
Isaac Abbott 
Cheyenne Boucher 
Hannah Cunningham 
Alison Wolfe 
Brooke Audet 
Jack Kretovic 
Rachel Milton 
Stephen Moran 
Tyler Hurd 
Taylor Carchide 
Meghan Hall 
Nicholas Matte 
Katelyn LaCombe 
Madison Frederick 
Jakob Ulrich 
Emily Haselton 
Kiera King 
Taylor Smith 
Joshua Saturley 
Alexis Kelley 
Taylor Bolton 
Amelia Ramsey 
Anita Pandey 
Dorothy Salter 
Larysa Marienko 
Hailey Carter 
Sarah Allie 
Molly Brochu 
Cassie Carey 
James Downs 
Isabel Hoyt 
Joli White 
Jillian Allaire 
Madison Allen 
Evan Bowie 
Samantha Clapp 
Jacob Zelonis 
Madison Constant 
Kristen Duval 
Cameron Parris 
Brycen Horne 
Riley Charron 
Crysta Caporale 
Emilia Ferrera 
Sarah Jacques 
Rebecca-Jean Paradis 

CRTC Honor Roll-Grade 10 
Hannah Elsnau 
Mitchell Mullen

CRTC Quarter 2 Directors List

The Students below have made our CRTC Directors list for Quarter 2. The criteria is to have a 92 or higher in both your soft and hard skills. Congratulations to all the hard work these students have put in!

CRTC Directors List- Grade 12 
Arthur Aznive Jr. 
John Michael Yatco 
Heather Stiles 
Hannah Linquata 
Corinne LeBell 
Leonard Galvin III 
Austin Chiang 
Kaleigh Otto 
Erica Towne 
Mariana Lassonde 
Kyle Belouin 
William Thibeault 
Jacob Chadwick 
Anna McFarlin 
Elias Parsons 
Alexandra Byrne 
Ashley Chapman 
Holly Mitchell 
Ariadna McLeod 
Bethany Mullen 
Rachel Hutchinson 
Annah Piroso 
Oliver Noble 
Robert Hollins 
Andrew Saffian 
Maxwell Foisey 
Kimberly LaForge 
Sabrina Marquis 
Austin Martin 
Jessica Caldwell 
Michael Kistner 
Sarah Hubbard 
Sydney Moore 
Madison Pellerin 

CRTC Directors List- Grade 11 
Mackenzie Evans 
Celine Burrows 
Alexander Rhodes 
Haley Roy 
Nicole Carr 
Kaitlyn Roukey 
Victoria Pendak 
Shea Mathews 
Kaylee Lane 
Brittany Lepage 
Alexander Saveliev 
Meaghan Bannister 
Mariah Bernier 
Benjamin Yusko 
Jocelyn Bessette 
Jaret Foote 
Nathan Cushman 
Cailin Casey 
Amanda McDermott 
Samantha Turner 
Sabrina Johnson 
Moriah McInturff 
Owen Armbricht 
Andrew Berry 
Hillary McMullen 
Abbey Rancourt 
Connor Terrel 
Emily Redlon 
Alyssa Pepin 
Ryan Jaworski 
Calvin Szumierz 
Alec Decato 
Travis Calley 
Nick Suarez 
Connor Forsythe 
Jordan Mahoney 
Justin Mailhot 
Chelsea Bard 
Rachel Stottlar