Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Somethings New at The CRTC!

Have you noticed something new here at the CRTC? Toward the end of last year we got together and decided we needed a new logo. Our then current logo was great at the time it was created, but we realized as the center grew that it did not represent all the programs. We went back to the drawing board and after many eliminations we decided on a new logo! We love the modern design, and it is one that will accurately represent our growing center. We are in full swing switching everything over and will be getting in some promotional gear soon. Be on the look out for some giveaways!

How Dual Enrollment Helped Me

We love hearing from our past students letting us know how things are going and what they are up to. The e-mail below came in this week, which is perfect timing, because September is dual enrollment month. Keep up the great work Alycia!

"Hi Val!

Classes have been going on now for a week and I have been wanting to get in touch with you about my life at SNHU! :)

Because of the amount of credits I got from CRTC, English, and Math, I am currently registered as a "Transfer Freshmen" and therefore am in a couple of "upperclassmen" classes.

I was placed in EDU 208 for this semester; I don't know if you have heard of the course material or not, but it is a class on Assessment Techniques.  As you probably are not surprised, I am the only freshmen in the class....the class is filled with all juniors with maybe 2-3 sophomores.  I was so nervous that I was out of the loop and was not going to know what was going on in class.  However, I went in the first day and recalled from prior knowledge from your classes and, to my and my professor's surprise, am able to intelligently answer discussion questions and add to our topics from a "younger" person's perspective.  I love the class!  I also have an in because some have only observed classrooms, and have not had the opportunity (yet) to actually student teach.  I was  working with another math education major (junior) this morning on a partner project and he was telling me that he has only observed math classes; all of my experience from CRTC was a big benefit and will continue to be!

Anyhow, I wanted to thank you for giving me the tools and knowledge to be able to take upperclassmen classes as a freshmen for Education!  If you wanted to share this info with your seniors this year, that's fine with me!  From a student's perspective, I would definitely recommend for them to sign up for all of the credits.  Take full advantage of CRTC because it will absolutely benefit them in the long run.

I hope everything is going well for you!

Alycia (2014 Completer of Teacher Preparation)"

To learn more about dual enrollment click here

Don't Miss This Great Opportunity to Earn College Credits Now

CRTC dual enrollment - an offer you cannot refuse!  
Earn both high school and college credits simultaneously at the CRTC!

Start by looking at the list of our courses written below and see if there is a dual enrollment course offered this year (the last column specifies Y1=first year student, Y2=second year student or enrollment year).  

If interested, the next step is to complete the very basic registration process during the month of September; this process involves the student filling out the appropriate college application and paying the $100 to $150 tuition fee (which is 20% or less of the regular tuition cost).

Upon completion of all the regular expectations of his/her CRTC course, the student will earn, in addition to their “regular” high school transcript, a genuine college transcript from the partner institution listing the aligned college course and the college credits   earned.

Much more information is available under the Dual Enrollment link on our website.  In addition all students will be receiving in-class presentations with details.  Some financial aid support is available offered through the Community College system as well as through the CRTC.

Read a student testimonial on how dual enrollment played a role during her freshmen year at SNHU here

* Running Start is the dual enrollment program connected to the Community College System of NH.

ProgramCourses OfferedSchool Offered ThroughYear Offered
Teacher Preperation
EDU 200- Introduction to EducationSNHUY1
SPED 210- Early Childhood Issues/Disabilities.SNHUY2
EDU 270- Foundations of Teaching and LearningSNHUY2
Culinary Arts
LCUL 1520 Sanitation and SafetyLRCCY2
LCUL 1460 Bakery ProductionLRCCY2
LCUL 1510 Culinary fundamentalsLRCCY2
Automotive- Mayotte
Auto 111-Introduction to Automotive ServiceMCCY2
Health Science
HS101- Medical TerminologyNHTIY2
EXER111- Introduction to Exercise Science ProfessionMCCY2
Graphic Arts
DV193- Intro to PhotoshopNHTI
GDES110 Page Layout & DesignMCC
GDES115 Digital ImagingMCC
GDES155 Computer IllistrationMCC
Criminal Justice
CJ121 Criminal ProceduresNHTI14-15
CJ123 Criminal LawNHTI15-16
BLDG112 Methods Of Construction 1 TheoryMCCY2
Information Technology
IT213- Introduction to Web ProgrammingNHTI14-15
IT108 Managing and Troubleshooting PCs A+ CertificationNHTI15-16
IT150 Introduction to Networking with CiscoNHTI15-16