Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New England Culinary Institute Demo Chef Keith McCormack

McCormack started cooking at 14, but his passion for food started around 8. Through much trial and error, he found his home in baking and pastry arts. Keith attended the CRTC culinary program and went on to the New England Culinary Institute initially for baking and then transitioned into his Bachelor's degree in Hospitality and Restaurant Management. He was given the opportunity to teach at NECI through a Fellowship program offered to one student per year, and discovered a true calling for teaching. Since that time he has been the sole Demo Chef for NECI, showing admissions demos to New England high school culinary programs for the last two years, never leaving his passion and expertise for pastry and hospitality behind.
Come get a taste of McCormack's work at our "Chef to School" Dessert, It's What's For Dinner event Thursday March 5, 2015 at 6:30.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Note From Our Director


The CRTC presently provides 10 diverse programs to prepare students for successful professional and/or trade careers.  Our focus is to empower student to find passion in a pathway and in doing so, go on to higher education and then on to a successful career. As Director, I need to carefully present our offerings as the many adults based by their past knowledge and experience, believe we only offer basic trade programs. Students on the other hand, clearly know we offer a mix of programs including: Health Science, Information Technology, Teacher Preparation, Criminal Justice and Graphic Arts; in addition to Fire Science, Auto Technology, Construction Technology, Cosmetology and Culinary.  The days of offering basic courses are long gone.  Of interest, is that the line between trades and professional careers has clearly blurred as both involve extensive modern skills and intense education.  For example, the majority of our Culinary and Fire Science completers go on to four years colleges while there are a few Health Science completers who pursue 2 year certificates in such specific career areas as radiological and orthopedics technicians.

The trades are at unique and urgent crossroads in the state of New Hampshire that goes well beyond just how they are perceived.  Last Wednesday night I spoke to two local industry leaders: Norm Bellerive, from Propane Gas Association of NNE, Paul Domingue from Palmer Gas, and Darragh Madden, President of Irish Electric.   All three provided a common story that I hear in all my regular discussions with regional industry leaders.  They have a very significant need to hire quality skilled trade employees and they simply cannot find them.  Their pay, benefits, and job stability are all very good; yet the pool of applicants is almost non-existent.  Norm emphasized to me that the average age of NH skilled gas technician is 58!   What I witness on a daily basis, through our daily program and also through our middle school summer camp programs, is that students love the trades.  Yet that passion can degrade or is marginalized as the students progress on in their educational career.  We CRTC recognized the need to partner with the NH Community College System, local trade schools, businesses, and industry associations to innovate and make these skilled and demanding pathways come alive.

My final comment from our Auto Tech teacher Scott Mayotte who was an A TECH (highest level technician) for Volkswagen.  His is vocal in how dynamic a career you can have in this field, and that is should never be underplayed.  He reflects on how technically and educationally demanding this career pathway is (think computers, hybrid engines) - and how grossly satisfying it was for him on a both personal and financial level.  

Steve Rothenberg
CRTC Director

Friday, December 5, 2014

Holiday Cookie Bazaar

Thursday December 18
Loaf & Ladle Presents:

Holiday Cookie Bazaar

Looking for something new to take to your upcoming holiday parties, cookie swaps or family gatherings? Look no further -- our Loaf and Ladle Club has you covered! As you wind your way through the assortment of cookies the Concord High School Marching Band will entertain you with Holiday music. Sample a variety of holiday cookies our culinary students will have prepared while you sip on our decadent creamy hot chocolate made from scratch heaping with homemade marshmallow. Take home half a dozen of your favorite cookies along with recipes so you can create them yourself. Bring the kids for a night of holiday cheer and let them work alongside our culinary students decorating cookies.

  • Join us from 4:30-6:30 inside the Concord High School cafeteria Thursday December 18
  • Enjoy a holiday selection of music from the CHS Marching Band
  • A holiday event the whole family can partake in!
  • Take home half a dozen of your favorite cookies
  • Tickets on sale now! $3 per person or $5 per family. To purchase tickets contact Kaleena Guzman in the CRTC office 603-717-7654

CRTC November Students of the Month

2104 15 seniors 014.JPGStudent Name:David Marston
Program:Culinary Arts
School: Pembroke Academy

David continually shows great work ethic, determination and quiet leaderships skills on an everyday basis. Dave is always one of the first to start working when he arrives and knows what to do without asking. Dave’s final products are always high level showing his attention to detail and pride in his work.

Student Name: Madison Fredrick
Program: Cosmetology
Grade: Junior
School: Kearsarge

Madison demonstrates great collaboration skills.  In the classroom she has the ability to get her classmates to  engage in group discussions.  If we are working in the lab she has the ability to give constructive feedback to her partner.  Madison takes pride and ownership with all of her assignments.  Her work is handed in on time and she gives 110% in the lab when creating hair styles.  Madison demonstrates an eagerness to learn everyday  in class, whether  it be discussing bacteria or how to deal with difficult customers. In addition to these qualities, she has a unique way of asking questions that challenge us and keeps the class on our toes.

IMG_2892.JPGStudent Name: Matrayia Stanford
Program: Automotive

School: CHS

Matrayia was nominated because she shows strong professionalism and integrity.  Matrayia sent the following email on a day in which she was going to be out sick.

“Mr. Mayotte,
  I will not be in class today, I'm am home sick. I'm sorry if this comes as an inconvenience because you were going to put me in the tool crib today and for the rest of the week. But I figured I'd let you know ahead of time to make other arrangements. However I will be in class on Thursday and Friday. Thank you.

I have never had a student send me an email when they were going to be out. I showed this exemplar to all of my classes and have since had several students email me when they plan on being out. “

Matrayia is Google savvy and I have had her mentor other students working with online portfolios. She also went to Mr. Emerson's class to help him introduce online portfolios to his class.

Student Name: Mitchell Comeau
Program: Teacher Preparation
Grade: Junior
School: CHS

Mitchell has demonstrated strong hard and soft skills in the Teacher Preparation program.  Mitchell has demonstrated Grit because he regularly uses his open period to spend more time working with the children in our lab preschool.  He knows that the extra time he spends practicing his teaching skills will help him become the best teacher he can be in the future.  During this time, Mitchell has also shown that feedback is important to him.  He gave the preschool teacher feedback on her use of praise.  He was able to support this feedback with knowledge he gained from a reading he did in the high school classroom.  This level of thought and reflection shows that Mitchell takes his learning seriously and can apply his knowledge in real life situations.  Mitchell’s conduct and attitude are also noteworthy.  He is a positive member of the classroom by contributing to class discussions, supporting his peers, and being respectful to the staff.

Fun Fact: Mitchell is a member of the CHS wrestling team.

Student Name: Ashley Chapman
Program: Graphic Arts
Grade: Senior
School: Pembroke Academy

I have picked Ashley Chapman for November's "Student of the Month in Graphic Arts" at the CRTC because she consistently attacks every project with grit and determination. She is driven to know the process of all things design and to get better in every way. She understands the outcomes expected and is resourceful by efficiently researching and choosing the harder more complex designs to complete. She listens attentively and responds well to feedback from me and her peers; accepting it as professional criticism to improve. She effortlessly demonstrates a good sense of organization skills, ready to work at all times and uses class time with purpose and drive. Ashley is stepping up to leadership qualities as a member of the LAD Group, which represents a true indication of her growth mindset in Graphic Arts. She has recently been awarded her professional Certification in Adobe Photoshop and is on track to accomplish many great things in the future.

Fun Fact: 
In my spare time, I enjoy dancing and I have had the opportunity to perform at Walt Disney World twice.

Where is this student thinking of going to school?
Endicott College

Student Name: Ben Stadnicki
Program: Information Technology
Grade: Senior
School: CHS

Ben shows great interest and initiative in technology, Consistently performs at a high caliber and shows grit determination in everything he does. Ben is rapidly evolving as a class leader and will be a tour speaker and presenter during our recruitment season.

He works above and beyond the curriculum expectations, regularly designing and utilizing customized robotics..

Student Name: Kyle Blouin
Program: Criminal Justice
Grade: Senior
School: Hillsboro Deering

Kyle is polite, articulate , and always professional. He is very thoughtful and is willing to explore discussion topics in class at a deeper level. He is a good student  with a solid plan for his future. (He will be attending NHTI this coming fall). He is a strong supporter of the CRTC and will be an outstanding ambassador for the program in the future.