Monday, May 19, 2014

Quarter 3 Directors List

The Students below have made our CRTC Directors list for Quarter 2. The criteria is to have a 92.5 or higher in both your soft and hard skills. Congratulations to all the hard work these students have put in!

                CRTC Directors List- Grade 12
Allen Keerstyn
Ball Joshua
Bardier Madbury
Benda Lauren
Boisvert Corey
Bourgeois Taylor
Bruce Samantha
Chalsma Sophia
Dasey Katlyn
Dodge Meghan
Downs Katelyn
Gavin David
Glass Hunter
Godbois Payton
Hall Tara
Henderson Katherine
Hochberg Henry
Hodgkins Taylor
Jones Rebecca
Kelly Jeremy
Khanal Gita
Kroll Allana
Lahr Elizabeth
Lauster Robert
Leslie Ian
Littlejohns Meaghan
Marcel Hannah
Miner Alycia
Miville Rebecalyn
Morrow Samuel
Osborne Emma
Picard Benjamin
Pinard Zachary
Quinn Alison
Rosa Amanda
Small Katie
Stearns Emily
Vogt Lindsey
Watrous MacArthur
Watson Suzette
Weinhold Timothy
Wirtz Kayla
Wood Hannah

CRTC Directors List- Grade 11
Anderson Arthur
Bell Rylee
Belouin Kyle
Bush Maranda
Chapman Ashley
DiGregorio-Day Julia
Foisey Maxwell
Foote Kiana
Fowler Britney
Golomb Emily
Hollins Robert
Howland Sarah
Hubbard Sarah
Kezar Kristin
Lafleur Coleby
LaForge Kimberly
Lassonde Mariana
LeBell Corinne
Lemay Hunter
Long Mattea
McFarlin Anna
Menczywor Courtney
Mitchell Holly
Morrison Taylor
Mullen Bethany
Parsons Elias
Pellerin Madison
Shatney Rebecca
Shedd Dakota
Silkman Brittany
Sobozenski Bethany
Stiles Heather
Walton Mia

Quarter 3 Honor Roll

The Students below have made our CRTC Honor Roll for Quarter 2. The criteria is to have an 87.5 92.5  in both your soft and hard skills. Congratulations to all the hard work these students have put in!

CRTC Honor Roll-Grade 12
Anderson Jacob
Apgar Benjamin
Bailey Johnathin
Blodgett Marcus
Burnham Jayde
Charity Elizabeth
Corriveau Kyle
Dane Cody
Drouse Shannon
Durling Cameron
Fanny Jacob
Foote Shawn
Gallagher Derek
Girardin Conner
Grant Kianna
Haas Elliot
Hall Kayley
Hamilton Emma
Hewes Cormick
Holman John
Houle Randi
Houston Mark
Ketcham Christopher
Khatiwada Laxmi
Lafond Emily
Lightfoot Jenna
Litchfield Kyle
Lobdell Kelsey
MacKenzie Morgan
Martin David
McCandless Lillian
Merrill Kristan
Moulton Leah
Nichols Samuel
Parenti Hayley
Parker Ashlyn
Parkinson Joey
Reitze Alexander
Rizzo Tyler
Rogers Aubrey
Ryan Courtney
Shea Austyn
Smith Brent
Sparks Austin
St. Laurent Nathaniel
Stacy Jordan
Walsh Briana
Wright Ashley

CRTC Honor Roll-Grade 11
Ames Joshua
Arris Miranda
Beauchaine Pamela
Beaulac Diana
Belcourt Samuel
Birtwell James
Blye Zackarey
Brown Kelsey
Burrows Taylor
Caldwell Jessica
Catalano Mark
Chadwick Jacob
Chhetri Binoth
Cilley Aidan
Cmar Leeanna
Contarino Derek
Cotton Brooke
Crowe Kelley
Cudworth Maegan
Currier Dillon
Cushing Christopher
Dallaire Morgan
Daniels Alycia
Dombrowski Reagan
Fay Zachary
Gale Maryellen
Golec Mariah
Greenlaw Katherine
Hawks Austin
Hendryx Emma
Holden Alison
Hunneyman Adam
Huntoon Bradley
Hutchinson Rachel
Ireme Irene
Jacques Kelly
Jaquith Madeline
John Aliess
Kendrick Alexandra
Kistner Michael
Kourtis Nikos
Krug Gretchen
LaBranche Dylan
Lafond Joseph
LaRiviere Peter
Lassonde Nicholas
Linquata Hannah
Marston Benjamin
Martin Austin
Martin Erica
Mcclellan Dillon
Mercier Joshua
Moffett Andrew
Montminy Kaylee
Moore Sydney
Nicholas Victoria
Noble Oliver
Ordway Dakota
Patnode Michael
Piroso Annah
Porter Rebecca
Rollins Molly
Saffian Andrew
Sawyer Zachary
Silveria Sarah
Sliva Joseph
Smith Cody
Smith McKinley
Stockman Ethan
Thibeault William
Towne Erica
Welch Jasmine
Whitcher Andrew
Williams Kasey
Yatco John Michael
Zavorotny Nicholas

CRTC Honor Roll-Grade 10
Coggeshall Austin
Granville Timothy
Pepin Alyssa

It's Your Night to be Pampered!

Our Future Professionals would like to invite you to an evening 
of pampering and glamour on
Thursday, May 22nd 
from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
at the Crimson Creations Salon
located in the Student Center
at Concord High School

The Cosmetology Class will be creating a night of pampering 
So bring in your stress and let us take care of the rest!
Enjoy one of our relaxing services such as a manicure, scalp massage or a paraffin hand dip. We have also added a new service:

There will be a $7 charge for each salon service.
We look forward to seeing you!

Ms. Kimberly & the Cosmetology Class