Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Join us Wed. April 1

Our Future Professionals would like to invite you to an evening of pampering and glamour on:

Wednesday April 1st 4:00pm-6:00pm

Located at:
Concord High School,  170 Warren Street, Concord, NH
The Cosmetology Class will be creating a night of pampering just for you!
So bring in your stress and let us take care of the rest!
Enjoy one of our relaxing services such as a:
Haircut, Facial Waxing, Blow-dry, Curl/Flat Iron, Braiding, Nail Art, Manicure, Scalp Massage, Facial,
Paraffin Hand Dip.
There will be $7 charge for each salon service.
Wash & Go $3
We look forward to seeing you!
Please visit our facebook page for more information and upcoming Open Salon Nights!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Times Have Changed

Times have changed and the NH economy is on the rebound. How can I personally tell? Our students are now in demand by area employers. Of note, businesses in automotive technology, culinary, manufacturing, and construction fields are contacting CTE Centers expressing the need for employees now. They have a “few” (mind you, not an abundance) good jobs that need filling.

One talented young man in our Automotive Technology Program is faced with the dilemma of going off to school to study diesel engines, or remaining here and working for a decent starting wage. This is a tough dilemma for some students who have tasted the income now. Paralleling this single dilemma, is the historical enrollment pattern for community colleges - enrollment goes up in slower economic times - and goes down during good times. Education is put on hold. This gets me, and I am sure many of you, anxious.

How do we create a system to balance both the need to work and learn? Apprentice and co-op models are of interest and worthy of community support. I admire many of these young adults who work during the day and attend school at night. It is a very “old-school” model and their effort is admirable. It involves a tough mix of social life sacrifice and career investment. Seeing a young person work as a plumbing apprentice during the day and attending master plumber classes at night is impressive.

My generation’s (as well as my parents’ generation) context for education was to “front-load,” do school, then do work. Times are changing and the learning continuum (aligned with career changes) is much more diverse and much less linear. A good source of thinking on this matter is Georgetown’s Center for Education and the Workforce.

Young people today are faced with a number of challenges and opportunities. Their future pathway is more complex and in many ways, more invigorating. In any case, this unpredictability further re-enforces the need to leave high school with a healthy core set of academic, thinking, and employability skills that can be applied to many work opportunities impossible to anticipate at this time.

Steve Rothenberg

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Skills USA/ HOSA States

Over the past week the following CRTC students were recognized at the Skills USA Competition:

Oliver Noble – Gold Medal- Automotive

Culinary Arts:
1st Place - Alyssa Pepin: Commercial Baking
2nd Place - Rachel Hutchinson: Culinary Arts
4th Place - Andy Saffian: Culinary Arts

Graphic Arts:
Gold: Maryellen Gale- Advertising Design Competition
Silver: Nick Tobin- Advertising Design Competition
Bronze: Spencer Haywood- Advertising Design Competition

HOSA – Future Health Professionals:

Kaylee Lane – Elected State Officer – Historian
Meaghan Bannister – Elected State Officer – Secretary

1st Place - Hannah Cunningham: Extemporaneous Writing, Katie Lafond: Physical Therapy, Meghan Boddiford: Extemporaneous Poster.

2nd Place – Kaitlyn Roukey & Chelsea Bard: Career Health Display, Katie Moulton: Healthy Lifestyles,
Kaylee Lane: Extemporaneous Poster, Shea Mathews: Job Seeking Skills.

3rd Place – Drew Wonderli: Healthy Lifestyles, Maegan Cudworth: Nursing Assistant, Meaghan Bannister: Extemporaneous Writing.

1st Place – Lexi Kelley: Job Demo A

2nd Place – Amy Wittel & Erica Martin: Promotional Bulletin Board, Coleby LaFleur: Customer Service,
Jewl Davis: Job Demo A

3rd Place – Megan Liberty: Job Demo A, Kelli Phillips: Job Demo O, Kate LaCombe, Madison Frederick & Meaghan Tinsley: Promotional Bulletin Board

Congratulations and keep up the great work!

Monday, March 16, 2015

February 2015 Students of the Month

Student Name: Morgan Dallaire
Program:Cosmetology II

Why was this student nominated?
Morgan did an excellent job displaying professionalism and leadership during recruitment season.  During the tours she was prepared to talk and took great pride when speaking about our program. She was warm and friendly to all guests who came to visit as well as prepared to answer questions from our visitors.  There have been other opportunities where I have observed Morgan in a leadership role. She took the initiative to organize students from all three classes to create a float so the Cosmetology class could participate in the Concord High School parade. During open salon she is quick to assist others to ensure great customer service.  In addition she is an excellent classroom manager.  Morgan takes this responsibility seriously and with pride.  She makes sure all  job responsibilities are complete and steps in when needed to ensure  the classroom and salon are ready for the next class.

Austin C.JPGStudent Name: Austin Chiang
Program: Info Tech
Grade: Senior
School: CHS

Why was this student nominated?
Austin truly enjoys the challenges IT has to offer, always smiling no matter the difficulty. His work reflects thought and creativity.  His Scorpion Bot Design (With Partner Ben S) was a marvel of modern engineering. He is always quick to assist his classmates or review a project with a class visitor.

Fun Fact : Loves his BMW.
Where is the student thinking of going to school: Wentworth Institute of Technology

Student Name: Crysta Caporale
Program: Teacher Preparation
Grade: 11
School: PA

Crysta is the Teacher Preparation student of the month.  She displays the work habits and organization necessary to be a teacher.  Crysta strives to be the best teacher she can be so she seeks feedback from her supervisors on a consistent basis.  She then uses this feedback to improve her teaching.  Crysta also works to incorporate the theories she learns into her work with our preschoolers.  Crysta has pushed herself to try new teaching strategies including creating a technology-based lesson using the Smart Board.  In order to accomplish this, Crysta spent time outside of the classroom working with the technology to make a hands-on lesson for the children.  Additionally, Crysta completes all of her written work in a timely manner.  She submits quality work that demonstrates thought and effort.  

Student Name: Victoria Nicholas
Program: Criminal Justice
Grade: 12
School: CHS

Vickie is a hard working student who is very conscientious about getting her work submitted on time. She works outside of school and is able to remain successful in school. She is a fantastic student leader. She readily volunteers for classroom tasks. When in a leadership role she  takes the position seriously and strives to make sure all of her group members achieve their personal goals as well as those of the group.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

GE Aviation Tour

Last Thursday, about twenty of us took a VIP tour of GE Aviation in Hooksett. The twenty included about nine from CHS, as well as other leaders from our eight sending schools, and the President of NHTI. The purpose of the tour was to learn about GE’s operations, and in doing so, to better focus school energies and resources on preparing students to be successful in the workplace.

The two-hour tour was an eye opener. They have a very modern and extensive operation employing over 800 people in Hooksett. The plant makes particular parts for GE jet engines used in commercial airlines. The tour was led by their division leaders who gave us information on their materials, design, and fabrication process, as well as the skill set required of employees to be effective. All in all, GE’s operation mixes old and new. For example, they machine many parts (as they have done so for many years), but to do so the operator must ALSO be able to write and run a computer script (CAD CAM) as well as use lasers, CAD design, and in some cases, robots.

The average age of their employees is 50+ with many retiring in the next decade. Presently they are struggling to find qualified candidates to fill the few jobs available. At the same time, they are expanding with construction on a new plant starting this summer.

GE has a partnership with Nashua Community College for students majoring in Advanced Manufacturing. Students do their classroom work at NCC and during that time also intern and do summer work for GE. Students with an Associate’s Degree start at GE at about $30/hour with full benefits. GE also pays for additional schooling to earn a Bachelor’s for example. Their compensation package is impressive.

GE, like BAE, NH Ball Bearing, and many other “clean” manufacturing shops throughout the state, wants to reinvent their partnerships with secondary and postsecondary schools. Of interest, is that many of their key employees are technical and/or
community college graduates. They are not per se traditional fouryear college graduates. They have proven “thinking,” as well as technical skills, and they grow with the company. As GE’s Plant Manager made clear, when he is looking to hire, and reviewing resumes, he is much more interested in work history then educational background.

We all left the tour appreciating the opportunity and thinking quite a bit.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Help Send Cosmetology to Skills USA

The Cosmetology class is selling Cuccio Ultra Sheer Body Butter lotion.  This is a great moisturizer.

We are selling these 8 oz lotions $8.00 a bottle.

The following scents we are offering are:
Vanilla bean and Sugarcane
Tuscan Citrus and White Tea
Lavender and Chamomile
Honey and Soy Milk

If interested please stop by after 12:30.

The funds raised will go towards offsetting the cost for students to participate in Skills USA.

Monday, March 2, 2015


An example of a "fab lab"
I am not sure how many of you have heard of a fabrication lab (aka “fab lab”), but it is a great example of STEAM (add Art) in action.  The premise is that a person can have a creative idea, develop it, model it, engineer it and build it.  Teacher Will Renault, from St. Paul’s wrote me recently and called it ‘MIND to HAND’.  Mr. Golden, our school’s Technology Education teacher, engages in some related elements in his engineering and architecture classes.  Beyond our campus, NHTI will be installing a fab lab in the near future (accessible by the public to some degree) and St. Paul’s has one in place already.  A fab lab can reflect a mix of new and old -  it has high end computers available to do 3D rendering - and some old-style machines like cutters and lathes (some run by computerized CAD CAM) available to manufacture a product.  The project-driven process involves applied math, science, art, design, and technology.  This is an area of great interest to the CHS and CRTC community as we explore our future.  We seek your input and expertise.

-Steve Rothenberg
CRTC Director

NH Girl's Technology Day

We want you! Are you a ninth or tenth grade female? Are you looking to explore the world of opportunities that await you in the non-trade fields? Well here is your chance! Come see Mrs. Guzman in the CRTC Commons W office to sign up for Girls Technology Day on Wednesday, March 18. This field trip will allow you to explore the opportunities that await you in a variety of fields. Space is limited, so contact Mrs. Guzman today: kguzman@concordnhschools.net   Deadline for sign ups is 3/13