Thursday, February 19, 2015

January 2015 Students of the Month

Student Name: Victoria Pendak
Program: Graphic Arts & Digital Communication
Grade: 11
School: Concord High School

Why was this student nominated?
I have picked Vicky for January's "Student of the Month in Graphic Arts" at the CRTC because she consistently attacks every project with grit and determination. She is driven to know the process of all things design and to get better in every way. Vicky understands the professional and academic outcomes expected and is resourceful by efficiently researching and choosing the harder more complex designs to complete. She effortlessly demonstrates a good sense of organization skills, ready to work at all times and uses class time with purpose and drive. She listens attentively and responds well to feedback from me and her peers; accepting it as professional criticism to improve. Vicky is positioning herself to be a true leader in graphic design.

Fun Fact:
She is also a model.

Student Name: Kaleigh Otto
Program: Teacher Preparation
Grade: 12
School: Concord High School

Why was this student nominated?
Kaleigh has the hard and soft skills necessary to be an excellent teacher. She has demonstrated a high level of aptitude for and interest in the teaching field.  She is able to achieve success in both the theoretical and practical aspects of the program.  It is clear that Kaleigh understands the relationship between what she learns in class and its application in working with children.  While teaching lessons in the laboratory preschool, she implements advanced teaching and behavior management techniques that she has learned in the classroom.  Kaleigh is a highly organized student who takes her education seriously.  She demonstrates this by  managing her time extremely well and always turning in high quality work that is thorough, detailed, and accurate.  
Student Name: Lexi Kelley
Program:Cosmetology I
School: CHS

Why was this student nominated?
Lexi has done an excellent job demonstrating  strong leadership in our program.  During the week she was manager of the salon, Lexi took this responsibility seriously and with pride.  She made sure that all job responsibilities were completed and stepped in when needed to ensure  the classroom and salon were ready for the next class. In addition to demonstrating her leadership in the classroom, she took on responsibilities such as collaborating with students from the other cosmetology classes to create a float for the Concord High School parade.  During the last month, students wanted Cosmetology clothing, so Lexi took it upon herself to collect the orders and money and organized the event  to ensure this happened for all interested parties.  Lastly, she has  demonstrates strong work ethic skills in  class.  She is regularly present, uses her time efficiently and stays on task.  Lexi is always determined to perform to her highest ability.

IMG_0110.jpgStudent Name: Nathan Cushman
Program: Automotive Technology
Grade: 11
School: CHS

Why was this student nominated?
Nate shows up to class every day with his “game face” on. He brings strong leadership and a positive energy to our classroom. He not only puts his all into his studies; I often find him helping others both in the classroom and the lab. He further researches our classroom activities by working in the shop with his father on the weekends usually with pictures to show on Monday morning.  He positively represents himself and the CRTC in many ways whether he is demonstrating a proper procedure in the shop or holding the door for a group of students in the hallway.

Student Name: Mackenzie Evans
Program: Health Science
Grade:  Junior
School: Bow
Why was this student nominated?
The reason Mackenzie was nominated is because of her exceptional abilities as a young aspiring professional.  She is graduating a year earlier than her peers and has set goals each quarter that she has successfully achieved.   As a junior, she has completed the college application like most seniors, completed a senior project for her sending school in Bow, and has enrolled in an LNA program in the community that she will have completed before the end of the school year. She also works part-time outside of school on a daily basis.  In addition she has consistently been an active participant in class.  She is looked upon by her peers as a leader that brings quality leadership to the class on a daily basis.
What has made Mackenzie successful is her work ethic.  She always uses class time productively, she always asks questions to better understand any material whether it is from a peer, teacher or guest speaker, and the quality of her work is always a “10”. She is always choosing the harder option with the goal of taking advantage of all opportunities to further her education and become a healthcare professional.
Mackenzie was also nominated and accepted the invitation to share her experiences of CRTC with her home school Bow, at a recent assembly for sophomores.  She has always presented herself in a positive, professional manner.  She is someone who is admired and respected by all who meet her.  She is a person that you definitely want on your team.  It is a privilege to have her on our Health Science team at CRTC!

Student Name: Kyle Michaels
Program: Info Tech
Grade: Senior
School: CHS

Why was this student nominated?
Kyle excels in academics and perseverance, Consistently performs at a high caliber and shows grit determination in everything he does. He is a motivated class participant and leader.

He shows great enthusiasm and grit, completes the most difficult challenges with a positive attitude.

Excellence in academics.
Motivated class participant
Participates in extracurricular activities
Class leader.

Student Name: Rachel Hutchison
Program: Culinary Arts
Grade: 12
School: CHS

Why was this student nominated?
(This must tie back to SPUR and use examples like this student demonstrated GRIT while working on…. This is also going to be shared with the public so be sure to explain it in a way that people outside our program would understand. There should be at least a paragraph no more than two.)

Rachel has always been a stand-out team player in all of the culinary events and continues to do so this year. She has worked most of our Loaf and Ladle club events, filling in whatever position was needed; from cooking, baking and even serving. This month she stepped up again to do a solo engagement as the only speaker in culinary at our first CRTC Open House. Although this is far from her comfort zone, Rachel did a great job making it look like she was a seasoned pro.

Fun Fact:
Rachel is an avid hunter that frequently shares with her fellow culinarians.

Where is the student thinking of going to school:
Lakes Region Community College

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday February 10, Two Hour Delay

There is a two hour delay for the Concord School District today 2/10. Fire Science will begin at 9:30. Be safe!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Sweets for your Sweetie!

Homemade Sweets for your Valentine’s Sweetie

Join us for  a Valentine's Day Chocolate and Candy Sale
Thursday, February 12th in the Concord High School Crimson Cafe from 4:30-6:00 pm
Chocolate truffle
Our Loaf and Ladle club has whipped up some yummy chocolate treats!

~Gourmet Truffles
~Assorted Chocolate Barks
~Nut Brittles and Clusters

Chocolate Plaques
Pre-order a customized plaque with a special Valentine’s Message here

All plaques need to be ordered by Feb. 4th.
For more information please contact April Hall:

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sheds For Sale

Our Construction students will be building sheds which are available for sale! There are different types of sheds to purchase and will be available for delivery the first week of June. There are a limited number of sheds available so contact Mr. Hubbard if you are interested!!