Monday, October 26, 2015

Directors Spotlight Series

Career Communication Class - Authentic Exemplars
by CRTC Director Steve Rothenberg
We are pleased to announce that we have hired Rebecca Gaul as a consultant to help develop our new Career Communication class.  Rebecca is a certified English teacher who, for the past decade, has worked in a comprehensive CTE high school in Las Vegas.  Her focus for the next few months is to capture actual examples of workplace writings and presentations, and then break their elements down into two realms - workplace and English.  Through her work she will analyze these examples to help us best capture the techniques and voices used to make these particular communication strategies effective.  All-in-all, her work will help our English teacher provide the most authentic experiences.

There will be examples that are specific to particular industries, as well as some that are generic.  For example: a letter to a customer dealing with a complaint (workplace - negative communication; English - argumentative); a report on a particular industry trend (workplace - informational; English - informative/explanatory texts), a particular personnel concern. Specific industry examples could include: a proposal to gain a contract to develop a corporate logo; a summary of dealership repair work done to a vehicle (3 C’s - Concern, Cause, Correction); a police report that is void of vagueness and emotion to eventually be used in court.  Rebecca is working to find examples in our community, and in doing so, needs any help you can provide.  Feel free to contact us and we will send it along to her.

Directors Spotlight Series

The CRTC Hosts Workforce Roundtable Discussion with US Representative Kuster,
U.S. Representative Hoyer, distinguished NH leaders, and our students By: Director Steve Rothenberg
Wednesday, October 14, 2:30 pm - Auto Tech Classroom

The CRTC is hosting a roundtable discussion on workforce development with a number of distinguished guests, including U.S. Representative Ann McLane Kuster (CHS Graduate) and U.S. Representative Steny Hoyer, this Wednesday at 2:30 PM.   Rep. Hoyer (D, MD) is the House Whip (2nd ranking Democrat) and has a long history in supporting a “Made in America” approach.  He was also a leader in the 1990 adoption of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Representative Kuster, from our district, is similarly focused on workforce development, and this is an opportunity to talk about this issue from a federal to state to CRTC level.  The roundtable will  include leaders from business and post-secondary, as well as five CRTC students: Nate Cushman (Concord) from Auto Tech, Madison Frederick (Kearsarge) from Cosmetology, Nick Suarez (Concord) from Culinary Arts, as well as Abbey Rancourt (John Stark) and Kaitlyn Roukey (Pembroke Academy) from Health Science. Audience members are welcome.  Please contact our office for more information.

Directors Spotlight Series

How to Maximize Student Learning in the CRTC? Customer Driven Experiences
By: Director Steve Rothenberg

We are very pleased to announce that teacher Craig Emerson has taken on an additional grant-funded role with our Automotive Program.  Craig will be working to explore, initiate, and implement new customer-driven experiences for our Automotive Tech students.  This includes having students assume major roles in our shop, including acting as a service manager with customers.  In addition, Craig is also developing a similarly focused after-school club/business which will include such activities as going to an auto auction to experience the dealer side of the business. Our plan is to purchase a vehicle or two so students can experience that process from purchase to wholesale purchase to sale (a few of our students successfully “flip” cars already).  These customer-driven experiences provide the most authentic environment to maximize learning.  Our goal is to engage in these experiences off-site with our industry partners (the gross majority of them are done this way through internship and job shadows), but at times we supplement them with these on-campus models where the logistics are more manageable.

Directors Spotlight Series

CRTC Happenings—Construction Trades - Focus for the Future
Submitted by Director Steve Rothenberg
The CRTC’s mission is to prepare students for success in their careers and college.  Over the past stretch, we have been doing some deep thinking about potential changes to our Construction Technology Program curriculum to prepare students for the most progressive and economically worthwhile careers in this industry.  This is a particular priority given that the construction/building trades employment sector has a wealth of opportunities available now, and per economic predictions, will continue to do so for the next decade.

The program, which is fully enrolled, is primarily focused on major aspects of residential construction.  Over the past few years, we’ve added some mini-units on commercial framing, plumbing and electrical to supplement the curriculum.   
Opportunities in the trades - plumbing, electrical, welding, HVAC - are particularly strong right now.  Well-paying career jobs are available to entry level workers who have earned an associate's degree and certificates at school like Manchester Community College.  In addition, students who have an affinity for use of tools can also consider pursuing certificates and/or degrees in areas like advanced manufacturing or composites.  Of particular note is Great Bay Community College’s site in Rochester, NH, where they are focused on preparing students for work in the high-tech composite plastics industry, with partnerships with major employers like Albany International and Safron.  How these opportunities can impact our program design is the big question.  
We continue to explore - last week our teacher John Hubbard toured the New England Carpenter’s Union training site in Millbury, MA.  It is impressive.  They are aggressively recruiting and training, including apprenticeships.  Support for the apprenticeship model seems to be coming back given the lack of quality tradespeople (and an aging workforce).  The Portsmouth Shipyard also has an extensive model.
We continue to learn and listen.  If you have ideas, please get in touch with John Hubbard or myself.

Directors Spotlight Series

Articulation Agreements

CRTC Director Steve Rothenberg

These two words have little to no traction with students right now, but the concept of an articulation agreement represents a critical understanding for many Concord High and CRTC students considering starting their post-secondary education at a community college.  In essence, an articulation agreement is a contract between two education institutions (community college - university, high school - community college) that clearly establishes seamless pathways for matriculating students between the two institutions.  For example, NHTI has articulation agreements with universities like SNHU and UNH in such areas as accounting, engineering, health care, and more.  These agreements ensure that a student will receive full credit for their previous accomplishments when they transfer to earn their baccalaureate degree.  The worst scenario involves a transfer school not accepting credits. Students who thought they would be juniors find themselves back as sophomores.
 Knowledge of articulation agreements can prevent this and provide HUGE financial savings for students as they work to meet their college and career goals.  If I had my way, I would drop the name articulation agreement and rebrand it to something more concrete like transfer pathways (which seems to be sprouting up).

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Evening of Glamour & Glitz

Dear Friends & Family:
Our future professionals would like to offer you an evening of Glamour and Glitz:
Wednesday, October 14th 5:00-7:00
at the Crimson Creations Salon
located in the Student Center
at Concord High School
During this time, the seniors will be providing the following hair and nail salon services.  

New Service
Cuccio Veneer
(Gel Nails)
Scalp Massage
Shampoo & Condition
Curl/Flat Iron
Manicure, Polish Change & Nail Art
Paraffin Hand Dip
Basic Blunt Cut
All Services are $7.00 each
Shampoo $3.00 with a Service
We look forward to seeing you!

If you have any questions please email us at

Ms. Kimberly & Cosmetology Class