Wednesday, May 27, 2015

CRTC Completion Night

We will be holding our annual Completion “Comp” Night on Wednesday, June 3, at 6 PM in the CHS Gymnasium.  Eligible students will be honored as they earn their CRTC completion certificate which indicates they’ve demonstrated at least proficiency at all the essential competencies related to their chosen program.

New CRTC Program: Stagecraft

New CRTC Program: Stagecraft

On Monday night, May 10, the Instructional Committee of the Concord School Board voted to recommend to the entire School Board that the CRTC offer Stagecraft as a new CTE program beginning in 2016/2017.

We’ve been pondering a program of this nature for years given the strong support for the performing arts in all the communities we serve.  Our initial focus was acting and directing, but our CRTC Community Theater Program Task Force focused us on stagecraft (also called technical theater), which includes sound, lighting, costumes, sets, and props.  The task force determined that actors were being provided more than enough opportunities presently and students who were interested in stagecraft did not have many (if any) formal opportunities to explore and expand their skills.
To establish Stagecraft as a full CTE program we are working on the following three major program elements:
  • Post-Secondary Relationships - Both UNH and Plymouth State have expressed interest in forming a dual enrollment relationship (it cannot be formalized until after our first year).  Numerous stagecraft courses are part of any theater major’s core college expectations.
  • Industry Partners - There are so many potential partners, including performance auditoriums in most of our high schools, as well major theaters in the area.  We were also pleased to have Steve Martin, from the Capital Center of the Arts, as a member of our task force.  They will certainly partner with us.
  • Industry Certificates - There are a number of which we are exploring.

We will spend the summer and fall fleshing out more details and then start to market the new program in January, 2016.  Please contact us to learn more and/or to have input in the process.

Reflecting on CRTC Request for Enrollment

Reflecting on CRTC Request for Enrollment

The CRTC receives 99% of its applications by early March, processes them for a month, and announces admission status in April.  Last week we gave out letters to our returning students, and this Wednesday we will provide letters to new students (available in the student’s commons).   
Applicants (from all nine of the schools we serve) must complete an application and reflective essay to apply.  We also collect transcript, attendance, and reference data on every student.  The process to make our selections takes place over a five week window.
The overall health of the CRTC, given the quality and volume of student applying, is better than ever.  Enrollment request are up.  We now have wait lists in 8 of our 10 programs.  Some very talented, passionate, and committed students are applying (as well as returning).  It is an exciting time.
Last Thursday our teaching staff, after reading over all their new applicant’s dossiers, did some reflection on patterns they are seeing in those students.  Here are the highlights:
  • There was a very strong theme of wanting to join a profession this year.  Candidate’s essays emphasized career requirements and considerably less was elaborated on personal “likes” related to the particular program.
  • There was elevated evidence of previous relevant experience.  Criminal Justice and Fire Science students especially have done some activities in the field already.
  • There was a strong theme of passion to serve especially in the realm of health science.  Students reflected on their own family’s medical history.  Our New Americans in particular have an affinity for health career and they express it beautifully in their essays.
  • Students are expressing more defined career planning, more than we’ve ever seen.  They are seeing the CRTC as a step along their pathway.
  • Students were more aggressive about selling themselves and specifically their value to the program.  They were much more strongly attuned to persuading the evaluator.

As mentioned, we will be providing status letters for new students on Wednesday.  Our office is available to answer any questions.  

Friday, May 22, 2015

CRTC Quarter 3 Honor Roll

The Students below have made our CRTC Honor Roll for Quarter 3. The criteria is to have an 87 91  in both your soft and hard skills. Congratulations to all the hard work these students have put in!

CRTC Honor Roll-Grade 12 

James Birtwell V 
Kelley Crowe 
Maxwell Foisey 
Erica Martin 
Cote Parent 
Andrew Saffian 
Evan Schroeder 
Kyle Belouin 
Andre Levasseur 
Robert Margeson 
Benjamin Stadnicki 
Ian Zaczyk 
Robyn Bajraktari 
Cameron Bernard 
Rachel Hutchinson 
Alexandra Kendrick 
Ariadna McLeod 
Zachary Sawyer 
McKinley Smith 
Julian Townsend 
Reagan Dombrowski 
Cassidy Emerson 
Darren Jutras 
Jeremy Oakes 
Brian Rubner 
Elizabeth Rydel 
Joseph Sliva 
Victoria Tyler 
Amy Wittel 
Arthur Anderson 
Angelica Belo 
Blake Bouldry 
Spencer Carney 
Aidan Cilley 
Jessica Fife 
Maryellen Gale 
Emily Golomb 
Spencer Haywood 
Michael Kistner 
Andrew Moffett 
Rebecca Porter 
Molly Rollins 
Rebecca Shatney 
Mia Walton 

CRTC Honor Roll-Grade 11 

Shannon Benson 
Andrew Berry 
Cailin Casey 
Olivia Cattabriga 
Katelyn LaCombe 
Alyssa Pepin 
Chance Spinney 
Matrayia Stanford 
Nick Suarez 
Samantha Turner 
Alison Wolfe 
Cheyenne Boucher 
Taylor Carchide 
Anthony Costello 
Hannah Cunningham 
Connor Forsythe 
Douglas Foy 
Madison Frederick 
Tyler Hurd 
Katherin Killam 
Kiera King 
Stephen Moran 
Emily Redlon 
Taylor Smith 
Casey Thibeault 
Brittany Warren 
Briana Wright 
Adam Blake 
Riley Charron 
Megan Fraser 
Chase Haines 
Meghan Hall 
Emily Haselton 
Jack Kretovic 
Rachel Milton 
Marissa Neal 
Benjamin Nelson 
Anita Pandey 
Meghan Petrin 
Joshua Saturley 
Jakob Ulrich 
Jillian Allaire 
Brooke Audet 
Taylor Bolton 
Crysta Caporale 
Cassie Carey 
Jewl Davis 
Alec Decato 
Keelin Dunn 
Kristen Duval 
Amanda Merrifield 
Baylie Phinney 
Amelia Ramsey 
Joli White 
Taylor York 
Philip Young 
Jacob Zelonis 
Madison Allen 
Evan Bowie 
Jacob Browne 
Emilia Ferrera 
Alexis Kelley 
Hannah Pellerin 
Kellianne Phillips 
Anthony Roberts 
Cathryn Smith 
Kyler Stevenson 
Devin Taves 
Benjamin Thistle 
Lilian Wainaina 
Zachary White 
Matthew York 

CRTC Quarter 3 Directors List

The Students below have made our CRTC Directors list for Quarter 3. The criteria is to have a 92 or higher in both your soft and hard skills. Congratulations to all the hard work these students have put in!

CRTC Directors List- Grade 12
Arthur Aznive Jr. 
Gabrielle Bartlett 
Mitchel Britos 
Maranda Bush 
Taylor Bussiere 
Alexandra Byrne 
Jessica Caldwell 
Jacob Chadwick 
Ashley Chapman 
Austin Chiang 
Maegan Cudworth 
Alycia Daniels 
Britney Fowler 
Leonard Galvin III 
Mariah Golec 
Kimberly Green 
Sarah Hubbard 
Jordan Jeski 
Kimberly LaForge 
Mariana Lassonde 
Corinne LeBell 
Hannah Linquata 
Benjamin Marston 
Austin Martin 
Anna McFarlin 
Kyle Michaels 
Holly Mitchell 
Sydney Moore 
Bethany Mullen 
Oliver Noble 
Kaleigh Otto 
Elias Parsons 
Madison Pellerin 
Annah Piroso 
Dakota Shedd 
Bethany Sobozenski 
William Thibeault 
Erica Towne

CRTC Directors List- Grade 11

Owen Armbricht 
Lindsay Balch 
Meaghan Bannister 
Chelsea Bard 
Mariah Bernier 
Jocelyn Bessette 
Halle Blomback 
Meghan Boddiford 
Danielle Brouillet 
Celine Burrows 
Travis Calley 
Nicole Carr 
Nathan Cushman 
Mackenzie Evans 
Jaret Foote 
Austin Hawkes 
Ryan Jaworski 
Sabrina Johnson 
Katie Lafond 
Kaylee Lane 
Brittany Lepage 
Jordan Mahoney 
Shea Mathews 
Nicholas Matte 
Amanda McDermott 
Eden McInturff 
Moriah McInturff 
Hillary McMullen 
Victoria Pendak 
Abbey Rancourt 
Alexander Rhodes 
Kaitlyn Roukey 
Haley Roy 
Alexander Saveliev 
Travis Stacy 
Rachel Stottlar 
Calvin Szumierz 
Connor Terrel 
Drew Wunderli 
Benjamin Yusko

CRTC Directors List- Grade 10

Hannah Elsnau 
Mitchell Mullen 

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Congratulation to our Auto students who won the TWO major state competitions this year. Skills USA in March then the Ford AAA this Saturday. Scott will be taking our team to Detroit in early June to compete nationally. Keep up the great work!