Friday, January 31, 2014

Show Off Your CRTC Spirit!

Let Us See Your Spirit!

Over the years we have been discussing how the CRTC can create and experience more spirit during the school year.  We always know when other high schools are doing their spirit weeks because as the kids come and go for our programs they are in their school colors, pajamas', face paint, etc.  We decided to change how we view spirit here at the CRTC.  Originally, we thought to go with just a week of spirit but then decided why not do it for the whole year?  During the first half of the year we have been came up with spirit competitions between programs and the students have been having a lot of fun.

This week we encouraged our students to help us with enhancing the "show off your CRTC spirit" event for our seniors.  On Mondays and Fridays, from now until March 7, we are asking second year students to wear their CRTC shirts to earn spirit points for their program during our recruitment season.

Culinary Arts is currently in the lead but there is still time for the other programs to move ahead!  We are hoping students will see our bright, red shirts among the halls of all nine sending schools and SPUR curiosity to learn more about our center.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fire Science Is Here And In Full Swing!

Fire Science is Here!

Monday was the start of something very exciting here at the CRTC. After several years of planning and determination, we had our first day of the Fire Science program! The students had a great first day and are eager to complete their Firefighter 1 certification through this exciting, new program. 

Our fire science students wearing their new cadet hats!
Fire Science is unique to our school as it will be taught by about ten local firefighters and their coworkers. The program will be located at a variety of destinations including Concord Fire Headquarters, Concord High School, Hopkinton Fire, Bow Fire and the State Fire Academy.   The enrolled students need to have their own transportation and the understanding that the time and effort needs to be put forth to complete the requirements. It is not a typical high school class by any stretch.  Students meet from 8 to 11 am daily for Semester II.  

We are now recruiting future firefighters for the Fire Science class of 2015. Please see your guidance counselor or contact the CRTC office for more information.  Let’s celebrate as we welcome this new program to our school!

Turkey Overload!

Culinary Arts Prepares for the Friendly Kitchen

     Last week our culinary arts program received 55 frozen turkeys from our local Friendly Kitchen to prepare them for the many visitors that will pass through simply get a hot meal and a break from this bitterly, cold
weather.  Our very gifted students learned how to de-bone a turkey and properly make the cuts to section them out for easy preparation.   The proper seasoning was used and then the turkeys were roasted, bagged and delivered back to the Friendly kitchen to help feed the hundreds of homeless people that will walk through those doors.

     This process took about a week for our students to complete and provided them with great experience.  It takes a lot of time and hard work for the staff at the Friendly Kitchen to prepare the turkeys for upcoming meals so having our students take part in this endeavor was a great help to this amazing establishment.  This was a wonderful learning opportunity for our culinary arts students as well as a great way to teach them community responsibility.


     The sole purpose of the Friendly Kitchen is to feed the hungry.   They are the only soup kitchen located in the Concord, NH area who opens their doors to anyone who walks through for a meal.   The Friendly Kitchen has served over 600,000 meals since they opened in 1980.  They are located at 2 Commercial Street and are always looking for volunteers.

Monday, January 27, 2014

February is CTE Month!

      February is Career and Technical Education month and our Concord Regional Technical Center is working to spread the word. This is the month that our CTE staff and students reach out to mostly sophomores, and some juniors, about opportunities available to them. The majority of students sign up at the end of this month for 2014/2015. This Thursday, all sophomores will be attending one of two 40 minutes assemblies with CRTC Director Steve Rothenberg. In addition, this Wednesday and next Monday (February 3) at 6:30 pm, we offer Parent-Student Open House nights (gathering to start in the Media Center). 
      If you have not read about the CRTC recently, we urge you to do so at their website. We host ten different diverse programs here at CHS. Over the past decade or so, the emphasis upon college and career readiness has significantly increased the quality of our offerings. Read this year's brochure and notice the extent to which CRTC programs offer college credits and certification on industry skills. Feel free to contact the CRTC Office with any questions at 717-7654, ext. 6161.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Check Out Our New Material

Hot off the press!

In preparation for our recruitment season, we revamped our promotional brochure. This will be given out to prospective students and parents to give them a general overview of each program.

New this year, you will find information on each program's college alignment, certifications available, and parallel expectations.
Take a look at the final product - we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bringing Back our Alumni

Life After CRTC

Last week we had an assembly for all of our current students to show them what life after CRTC can look like. 

We had 17 of our past students return to sit on the panel and share their stories of where they are now and how CRTC helped them get to this point. 

They gave the students advice they wish they had listened to as a junior and senior in the program.  The students had some wonderful questions for the alumni and learned what to expect the first few years of college and trade school. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

2014-2015 Recruitment Season is here!

It's Recruitment Time!

We have hit the ground running in our first  few weeks back from the holiday break and are in full force recruitment mood. Last week our director Steve Rothenberg presented to Hopkinton, Kearsage, and Hillsboro high school.

Over the next few weeks, presentations will take place at our additional six partnering high schools: Bow, Concord, John Stark, Merrimack Valley, Pembroke Academy, Pittsfield. If you have a sophomore who is interested in one of our programs, be sure to tell them to be on the look out for our director's presentation.

For more information on the admissions process or to see the application click here.