Friday, June 19, 2015

March, April, May Students of the Month

DSCN0386.JPGMonth: March
Student Name: Joshua Saturley
Program: Info Tech
Grade: Junior
School: PA

Why was this student nominated?
Joshua Shows great ambition, and drive in class, the work he produces is excellent, he is always prepared for class meets all his assignment dates and always has a positive attitude.
Excellence in academics.
Motivated class participant
Strong Work Ethic
positive “Can Do “ attitude.

Where is the student thinking of going to school:
Joshua aspires to attend MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology.)

Month:  March
Student Name:  Corrine Lebell
Program:  Health Science
Grade: 12
School: Concord

Why was this student nominated?
Corrine is being nominated for student of the month because of her perseverance.  Corrine, who is a senior graduating in just a couple of months, is still working full steam ahead.  She has been a dedicated State Officer for New Hampshire HOSA this year and just finished assisting with our annual State HOSA Conference.  It was a terrific conference that was held at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth. There were 260 students in attendance.   Students were able to participate in several educational workshops, and compete in health science related competitions.  Corrine played a valuable role in making this event a success.  

Corrine also continues to work on her academics and again was on High Honors this past quarter.
Corrine is a hard worker whose dedication is commendable.  She consistently represents herself, Concord High and Health Science in a professional manner.  It is a pleasure to have had Corrine as a student in Health Science these past two years.

DSCN0385.JPGMonth: April
Student Name:  Leonard Galvin III
Program: Info Tech
Grade: Senior
School: CHS

Why was this student nominated?
Leonard; who prefers to be addressed as Brian,  loves IT and the sees that the possibilities are limitless when you leverage IT as a tool.

Excellence in academics.
Motivated class participant
Exhibits strong Leadership skills
Participates in extracurricular activities
Class leader

Fun Fact: Prefers to be addressed as Brian. Has his own 3D Printer

Month: April
Student Name: Mariah Golec
Program:Cosmetology I

Why was this student nominated?
(This must tie back to SPUR and use examples like this student demonstrated GRIT while working on…. This is also going to be shared with the public so be sure to explain it in a way that people outside our program would understand. There should be at least a paragraph no more than two.)

Mariah demonstrates great integrity in the classroom.  She is always on time and ready work.  Whether we are  in theory room or in the lab Mariah gives 110% effort all time.  In addition she takes pride in her work and is always seeking  feedback to improve her technical skills.  Mariah very respectful toward her peers and is always willing to extend an extra hand when needed.  In addition Mariah has shown leadership by assisting in the junior classes and taking charge as the manager in her own class.  Mariah  has a wonderful way of speaking to the junior students and helping them when they are struggling with a new skill.  As a manager she took her responsibility seriously and stepped in when needed to ensure  the classroom and salon was ready for the next class

Month: May
Student Name: Justin Maihot
Program: Info Tech
Grade: Senior
School: CHS

Why was this student nominated?
Just stepped up his game during CRTC Tours, and has been exhibiting great resilience and grit in his final programming project. He is an active He shows great enthusiasm and grit, and works through the toughest problems with a smile and positive attitude.

Excellence in academics.
Motivated class participant
Participates in extracurricular activities
Class leader.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

CRTC Community Partners

CRTC staff members, along with coordinator Kaleena Guzman, have been going out in the field to meet with industry and community partners over the past month.  The organizations are recognized for their willingness to volunteer by such acts as mentoring our students (internships, job shadows) and/or  advising our programs (advisory boards).  The recognition comes in the form of a plaque called a “CRTC Workforce in Education Award.”  We come unannounced and  once our purpose is established, the excitement level jumps considerably.  They accept the plaque and the confirmation it provides graciously, oftentimes inviting various staff members who have been directly involved (as mentors for example), to also share the pride.  Our staff return from these meetings extremely pleased.  The energy is contagious.  In your travels around the Capital Region, please look for these CRTC framed plaques; those are the businesses particularly worthy of your dollars.  Here is the language from our tribute to Grappone Ford:
The CRTC Workforce Education Leadership Award honors Grappone Ford for their voluntary participation in a successful school-to-career educational partnership with the Concord Regional Technical Center. The success of the partnership is largely based on the willingness of Grappone Ford’s expert service technicians to mentor our automotive students in the field.  By providing these authentic learning opportunities, Grappone Ford demonstrates its long-term commitment to our community's economic, social and civic vitality.  The entire CRTC population - students, parents/guardians and staff - extend their deepest appreciation.  We look forward to many more years of working together.
Teacher Scott Mayotte, Craig Emerson and Service Manager Adam Memmolo

Monday, June 8, 2015

Completers “Comp” Night 2015

by Director Steve Rothenberg
Last Wednesday the CRTC held its annual “Comp” Night to celebrate our 214 students who have met the competency requirements of their CRTC programs.  The event has a more casual celebration feel to it than a traditional pomp and circumstance graduation.  

The event started with the Red Hot Chili Peppers (our preschool students) singing “Grand Old Flag.” The crowd cheered them on throughout.  Next, we had the luxury of hearing two introspective speeches: one by Ashley Chapman, a Pembroke Academy Graphic Arts student, and the other by Jules Townsend, a Concord High School Teacher Prep student.  Both reflected on the optimism they feel towards the chosen career pathway which they've developed and expanded on during their time at the CRTC. We were also entertained by a CRTC video made by Graphic Arts student Austin Coggeshall.

The entire night is designed to be energetic and fun.  I joke that we will be here for one hour - no more!  The gym is not exactly the most comfortable place for grandparents.  One hour is just enough time.

Many students wear their uniforms and engage in cheering when their programs are recognized.  Teachers give out certificates (lots of hugs) unlike a traditional graduation.  The room also applauded and wished our Fire Science students well as they would be taking their practical and written exams at the Fire Academy the following Friday and Monday.  We also recognized a number of students heading off to national competitions in Dearborn, Michigan, Louisville, Kentucky, and Anaheim California.

Honored guests included the administrators from Kearsarge, Merrimack Valley, John Stark, and Concord.  Jerry Frew, retiring Superintendent of the Kearsarge District (and long-time Concord administrator), was given a special CRTC senior t-shirt to honor his support the CRTC.